Concord Eastridge Projects




Concord Eastridge approaches each project with a primary goal of identifying a concrete alignment of interests between the project sponsors and the project participants.



Concord Eastridge has strong expertise in mixed-use residential and commercial projects, multi-unit residential including both condominiums and rental apartments. 



Concord Eastridge brings creativity to the art of a project.  Concord Eastridge’s project portfolio is comprised largely of projects that include two or more types of uses. 



Concord Eastridge has a highly qualified, senior level hospitality-focused Development Team. The Concord Eastridge hospitality team brings best practices from all areas of hospitality development together under a unified approach. 


Build to Suit

Concord Eastridge projects involve a diverse array of product types and are generally mixed-use developments.  Concord Eastridge and its seasoned industry veterans have a significant track record in the planning, design and construction of built-to-suit facilities throughout the United States.



Concord Eastridge offers complete turnkey delivery of facilities in combination with attractive lease and/or purchase terms that meet the financial needs of the end-user and its facility plan. Facilities are designed and constructed to our clients’ specifications and timeframe.



Retail uses bring needed community amenities and services as well as vibrant "people activity" to Concord Eastridge mixed-use projects.