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Susan Eastridge has been our CEO and Leader since 2003
susan eastridge


President and CEO

A Message from our CEO

I started my first real estate business in 1990, following the two early chapters of my career where I worked for a national commercial real estate brokerage firm, then a large national commercial real estate development company.

For the past thirty years, it has been fulfilling to follow my progressing passions in commercial real estate, rooted in corporate real estate, public/private development, education, and sustainability. Mixed-use development and investment trends continue to evolve and mature and the pursuit of synergies of uses that create higher values for properties is a compelling endeavor.

Since the early 2000s, the Concord Eastridge legacy has been manifested by its team members, a small but mighty group of hard-working, creative, and dedicated professionals. I have enormous confidence, appreciation, and affection for my team. We have been working side by side for many years and it has always been inspiring to see what great things we are able to achieve together.

The common element we share is our interest and eagerness to learn new things and to push ourselves to find better ways to influence and shape the built environment. We are grateful that our investors, lenders, and partners have also shared these goals and have supported our work in multiple markets and with multiple asset classes.

We are busy with some very exciting projects that range from urban infill to public-private developments with universities and cities, to a large-scale arena-anchored mixed-use sustainable eco-district project.

In 2021 and beyond, we are broadening the conversation about what’s possible in commercial real estate development, while continuing to strive for more resilient communities in the future.

Susan Eastidge

President & CEO