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Green City

The project is being developed by Green City Partners LLC, a joint venture between Concord Eastridge Inc and Future Cities LLC. 


There is a need for more innovative thinking and for better tools to solve the challenges we face – in public health, in creating and maintaining an equitable economy, and in meeting, head-on, the escalating threat of climate change. Creating sustainable and reliable systems in these areas is not just good stewardship, it’s good business as well. For far too long, development and planning have focused narrowly on real estate and infrastructure, rather than on the more comprehensive goals we should be setting as communities. These include sustainability and resiliency, the health and well-being of our built environment, and inclusiveness in our economy.

Green City is a 200-acre planned mixed-use development that will be anchored by a highly sustainable, high-performing arena and the adaptive reuse of the existing Best Products headquarters building into the largest Living Building Challenge project in the United States. The project will include a broad array of sustainably designed residential options, high-performing commercial office buildings, hotels, and retail.


Location: Henrico County, VA


Use: Mixed-Use

Project Cost: $2.3 Billion

Our Role: Developer


2.3 million sf - Office and Retail Space


2,400 - Residential Units


2 - Hotels


17,000 - Seat Arena